Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Product Packaging

Packaging and appearance is critical to capturing and luring your buyer into purchasing your product. You have heard the phrase “first impressions are everything”, well that holds true for almost anything, including the appearance of your product. Depending on the product or service you will want to catch the customer’s attention by making it clean, simple, and appealing. Here are some tips to achieve your goal of luring in buyers.

Understand your customer and their needs. Make your packaging appeal to the audience or buyer of whom will be purchasing your product or service.

Understand your customer’s shopping/buying trends. Quantities are important to look at and for what type of customer will be purchasing your product or service.

Keep yourself updated on the most current packaging technologies. New technology equals a changing world. Make your product or service appealing according to the latest trends and technologies.

People watch. Look at the trends of shoppers. Where do they shop most often for this type of product? What is the most convenient way for an individual to purchase this product? Ask questions like these to gain a better understanding of where, when, and how you should market your product and package it accordingly.

Environmental packaging. People do care about the environment and excess packaging. Keeping it clean, simple, and cost-effective is sometimes a better marketing strategy then those products that have been overdone. Remember to think of who your initial target is.

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