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So I did win my 1st Marketing Award of 2011 for creating the 'Most Cost Effective Co Op Advertising Service’ for Small Businesses'. Routinely, international marketing/advertising think tank groups- are commissioned to solicit who they perceive to be the best in the business. I was honored to be invited, and participate in such a conference here in Chicago where I and 8 other Marketing Practitioners were posed with a Challenge.

The Challenge:  Create a service or method where those in business can advertise themselves for a nominal amount of money, yet reach large amounts of potential consumers.

Rule # 1- The service could not cost the advertiser more than $200

Rule # 2- The service must allow for the Advertisers to reach at least 200,000 potential consumers in a single action

Rule # 3- The service must be relatively unique but still follow traditional models and channels. It must also be Co-Op.

Initial Thought Process
So I started to brain storm and first thought about a type of service involving Email Marketing that I had toyed with in 2009, but didn’t have enough time to take it further. Taking all 3 rules into account, I thought about some of the clients that I have had as well as the ones who for some reason or another did not become an actual client (usually not having money to execute the plans).

My first thought was that the only way to achieve Rule’s # 1 & 2 would be by engaging in “Co op Advertising” (multiple advertisers sharing collectively in the costs involved). This would definitely have to involve Email Marketing because it is the most cost effective method to get your message out to the masses.

So there it was. I knew I had met all 3 Rules and was ready to “dress up & polish” this service. I then made my presentation. After a few Thumbs up and a few Kudos, I had won the challenge.

The Service
The service took the same name I had come up with in 2009. It is called: “The Weekly Broadcast”.  It is simple, appealing, and descriptive.

The Weekly Broadcast will be a weekly email broadcast available in all city / states where up to 10 advertisers (that DO NOT compete with each other) can all be featured in the same Email Broadcast.

The Distribution will be 500,000 (half a million) or more General Bulk Email Recipients within the specified city / state.

The Cost’s are only $100 per advertiser. However, this is assuming that they already have their own graphic design advertisement that meets the Weekly Broadcast’s Ad requirements. If an advertiser needs my firm to produce and design an Ad – that’s a mere $100 more. For an exuberant, shocking, and earth shattering grand total of $200 to reach more people that you ever could using most other methods.

*Added Value: Oh & since were currently building traffic for several of our blogs, we will also place the same Ad on our blog sites including this one,, and others.

When will The Weekly Broadcast be available?
The service will first be available in Miami and Chicago. We will begin taking names of those businesses that are interested and we will operate on a first come first serve basis. As previously stated, each broadcast will only feature non competing advertisers from different trade industries.

For example, One Weekly Broadcast email will feature:
-1 Attorney
-1 Realtor
-1 Restaurant
-1 Auto Dealer
-1 Professional Services Firm
-1 Night club
-1 Hair Salon
-1 Insurance Agent
-1 Dentist
-1 Medical Practice
(Other business types as well)

How can I Sign Up?

Currently we will be developing the website ( But you can get on the list by sending an email:  | or dropping us a line 1.800.823.1240

This will be the Logo:

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