Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't Get Cheap With Your Web Site Design

Don't Get Cheap With Your Web Site Design 

One thing I know is that IM NOT CHEAP. I just invested a lot to develop my Ancient Rome theme site on www.WhillyBermudez.com so when you are looking for a new corporate web site, you should consider a professional web site design company (you can consider us). If your web site looks bad, your company's image will look bad. No one wants to work with a company that does not invest in their brand and their corporate image online is a large indicator as to the type of company you're dealing with. A professional web design company will be able to tie in your corporate branding with an effective marketing message to create a great web site.

Most web designers are unaware about how to maintain the branding of corporate websites and how to create an effective marketing message that can be translated to leads and sales. Smart management of a corporate will take some time to educate themselves on what they are trying to achieve online before meeting with a designer. The content and marketing messages for the web site should all be discussed in the first meeting with the designer. This meeting will establish essential components for your business and set guidelines for the designer to follow. How can you create an effective corporate web design that converts traffic to sales? Some tips include; the website should use professional language. The site should not be informal, as though talking to a friend or a child. Also, the site should be easy to 
download. Talk to the web designer about the website's download rate. Factors such as a visitors internet connection speed should be taken into account when designing a site so it can optimized for quick downloads.

Many corporate website include flash images, music, even pop-ups, and in some cases it looks great. However, it should be avoided as much as possible. Since Apple products such as iPad and iTouch do not support flash, they could alienate visitors to the site. If you integrate large images or flash, some visitors may find it difficult view the images or not be able to see them at all which will adversely affect their experience. Meet with your management staff to determine the most important areas of your business and what you would like to promote online. Offer a site map. Ease of use it vital to a web site design because it allows people to find the information they are looking for quickly. This is an excellent website navigation tool.

By adding the tips above to the goals of your website, you can have an awarding winning website that is professional, simple and good looking. An effect corporate website will not only meet the corporation's needs, but also the clients'. Simplicity of a corporate site does not denote lack of creativity and professionalism. Instead, a website poorly planned with bad coding, lazy graphics and compatibility issues will cause clients and visitor to become dissatisfied with your business. A corporate website is a direct reflection of a corporation.

Remember, it is the simple, attractive corporate web design that will make a good impression on your corporation.

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