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Well let's see... First everyone got into Real Estate/Mortgage and when the industry took a dive many are calling themselves "Marketers". The truth is, that there is only a hand full of people that are actually qualified to even talk about Marketing and Advertising. So you need to be weary of those just throwing names and terms around.

I’m sick of internet marketing gurus, period. Every day someone sends me a link to some guru’s post about internet marketing, asks me about their product and or their new special product that is guaranteed to make you a millionaire overnight. What really bothers me is that some mainstream companies have embraced these gurus, having them speak at mainstream interactive advertising conventions and giving them a platform to sell their junk and pitch their schemes. Yes, there are a few guys out there who actually are business men with successful businesses. However, the majority of Gurus are just plain scams.

Yes, you got that right, I think that most of the gurus and their marketing seminars, their special techniques are just scams. They are pitching to the lowest common denominator, often people who are desperate to make money because they are already down and out.  How do you know who is a Guru? Look how they pitch themselves, and their products:

1)    Almost none of them have ever had a successful business. Yes, again, there are a few guys out there who are the exception. However, the vast majority of them will claim they are extremely successful internet marketers, but outside of their blog and get-rich-pitch crap, they have never build or run any business whatsoever. I looked at one keynote speaker at a major convention, and his own website claimed he had been writing for over 15 years about “marketing and how to make money” and had helped “hundreds of businesses” make money. However, his resume for the last 15 years was just that, with no actual experience in the industry. He listed a bunch of websites that he made all of them ranked less than 300,000 in alexa.

2)    If they really had the secret, they would be building a marketing business around that secret. New product and techniques can be patented and real products can be made. Everyone who reads the newspaper knows that almost any innovative and real marketing product that actually works will result in a highly profitable business that can help hundreds of advertisers. Business plans that actually work in the internet can make companies millions of dollars a month and be sold for often hundreds of millions. Thousands of advertisers would be flocking to this “proven” technique.

3)    They always have “limited amounts available” or “just a few products left.”  It’s the internet, most of the information can be duplicated in a second and for those products that are print or DVD, one can order copies within a 24 hours of any product. The idea that there is limited space, or limited products are crap. It’s a scummy sales technique and in many cases in violation of FTC regulations and federal law.

4)    You can’t find anything about them except their get rich product. None of these guys have a real past. Most of them have extravagant stories about how they’ve made millions on selling shit on the internet, but besides their actual blog, no one has ever done business with them. Almost none of these stories are true, but instead part of a scheme to get poor people without money to identify with them. No one wants to hear about the Harvard Kid with the multi-millionaire parents investing into a product he created after college, which he then sold for $250 million. They want to hear about some schmuck who found a secret to success, made billions from it and now wants to share with you. Really?

Why does this really upset me? Because many of these guys work under the guise of “online marketing” or “affiliate marketing” but they are just the same type of folks who used to stand on the street selling a cure for every disease. They have as much to do with our industry as Hot Wheels has to do with the Indy500. Good riddance.

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