Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miami's 'Cupcakes By Hilda' Crowned "America's Cupcake Queen 2011"

Miami's 'Cupcakes By Hilda' Crowned "America's Cupcake Queen 2011"

Several weeks ago 40 different Cupcake Stylist’s from all over America stepped into the ring for a brawl. Well, not a boxing one but a social media contest commissioned by Florida based Whilly Bermudez Media as part of marketing research for one of their clients. Within the first week two challengers become engaged in hand to hand combat. They were ‘Her Majesty’s Cupcakes’ (Her Majesty’s Facebook Page) and ‘Cupcakes by Hilda’ (Cupcakes by Hilda Facebook Page). 

You’ve seen the many different online Facebook contests that friends ask you to “Like” a photo or logo image in order to win something. Well, this was no different. Except, from winning some marketing services from their sister company Media Thrasher, some of the details of the activity was recorded to measure the level of enthusiasm by the public. The contest and others take place on the company’s Facebook Page at

After a grueling 3 + weeks of lining up friends and sweet toothed customers for the popularity contest there was one prevailing winner. However, it wasn’t that simple. Although there was a “winner”, the contest actually showed just how popular the two finalists were in the South Florida area. Both of them showed just how delicious their cupcakes really are – by the amount of support received. In the end, the winner was Cupcakes by Hilda.  The company cupcake stylist is Mrs. Hilda Lopez. Hilda has been providing delicious cupcakes since 2009 and is showing no signs of slowing down. You can learn more about Hilda and her cupcakes on her facebook page.

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