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10 Simple Ways to Impress Your Boss (without kissing ass!)

10 Simple Ways to Impress Your Boss (without kissing ass!)

Nobody wants to be labeled as a "brownnoser" but how do you get your boss's attention and impress him or her without looking like you're constantly kissing their ass?

Be On Time (if not early) Every Day

Being late consistently will certainly get you noticed. It will also get you fired if you're not careful. By showing up on time every day, you give the impression that you respect your boss's time as well as the impression that you take your job seriously. Being on time also helps you to ease into your day rather than rushing in and having things go wrong because you're moving too quickly and missing important details.

Take Initiative

Chances are your boss is very busy and doesn't want to have to do a lot of hand holding when it comes to delegating. If you see something that needs to be done, do it. Don't wait for your boss to tell you to do it unless it is something that requires his or her approval. Then by all means, save it for a time when you know he or she isn't busy and get the approval or clarity you need to proceed.

Find Solutions to Problems

Don't go to your boss with a laundry list of work related problems or concerns you are having and expect him or her to make it all better for you. Take some time to think about what ever issues you are dealing with and come up with creative solutions. Then you can go to your boss with a plan for how to deal with the situation. Your boss will appreciate that you took the time to think it through. You will also give the impression of being a creative, independent thinker who can solve problems and handle conflict.

Walk the Talk

If you say you know how to do something or have experience with something, prove it. Don't brag about your achievements or knowledge just for a pat on the back. Put that knowledge into action to benefit the company and watch how quickly your boss takes notice.

Be Organized

Many people think a messy desk is a sign of creativity. It could also be a sign of disorganization and inability to manage priorities. Create an organized space to show those around you, including your boss, that you have your work under control and you can handle whatever comes your way.

Be Willing to Learn

Don't just do your 8 hours and leave. Show your willingness to learn more about the company or your industry by requesting to take professional development classes, job specific classes or seminars or openly discuss books you've been reading on the subject.

Don't be a Yes Man (or Woman)

Your boss doesn't want to hear "yes" all the time. By agreeing with everything he or she says, you are giving the impression that you cannot think for yourself. You may also come off as insincere. Express your own opinion about things in a polite fashion and if you are given assignments or tasks you are not comfortable with, say so. Your boss will have a better understanding of your strengths and will appreciate your honesty.

Offer to Help

When there is a big meeting happening or a company function, offer your time and talents to help organize it or to head up a committee. This will show you are a take-charge individual as well as a team player. It may be a little extra work, but the extra effort will go a long way.

Have a Great Attitude

Nothing makes an employer take notice more than a great attitude. Stay upbeat when everyone else is complaining. Assuring your boss you can get the job done no matter what will make you stand out as being dependable and the person your boss can turn to when the going gets tough.

Do a Good Job

It may sound simple but doing a good job is one of the easiest ways to impress your boss. If your boss sees that you are consistently doing a good job you will be recognized for it.
As you can see, there are subtle and productive ways to impress your boss without appearing desperate for a pat on the back. Following these simple suggestions will not only get your boss to take notice, but will provide you with a career that is continually rewarding and satisfying.

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