Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get YOUR Name Out There!

Get Your Name Out There!
“You have to get your name out there” is a phrase I often find myself telling people when asked the question what more can I do for my business? Whether you are looking for a mate or marketing a product/service, one of the most important steps to success is to let people know who YOU are and what you do. Business cards can be a smart, easy and a cost-effective way to do so. Read below for some quick tips on how to properly market using business cards:

Leaving an impression on the mind is a good strategy to use in the design or layout of your business card. Using snazzy logos or outrageous color schemes could leave an imprint on the mind of the consumer—be creative. Utilize all space on the card. You can put schedules and what not on the back depending on your market.

Always be prepared to give out your card. Keep stacks of them in your car, wallet, home, purse, and wherever else you can stick them. Have them ready everywhere you go in case a prospective client appears.

Give, give, and give some more business cards out to everyone. When you eat out at a restaurant, leave your business card with the servers tip. Leave a stack of cards at different stores/businesses in your area; for example, your hair dresserinsurance agents or even the gym that you attend. Before you return a book to the library sneak a card in the front cover for the librarian or next reader to see. If you know others who own their own business see if they will be willing to leave a stack of cards on their front desk. The opportunities are endless when it comes to the distribution of your business card. Any opportunity you see TAKE IT!

Keep track of those who give you cards. Write dates, times, and the place you were when you received the card on the back. Because you will probably accumulate many cards over the course of the years, this strategy will help you to better remember those you spoke to for future references. Make sure to keep a log of all cards and any comments you have about the company.

Whilly Bermudez

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