Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Logo Creation
In order to effectively market your products or services, every business needs a creative, memorable logo. However, from all of the businesses around the world, and all of the logo creations, you can see that not all logos market their target audience and capture the purpose/meaning of the business model. Below you will find some proven tips for creating that one-of-a-kind logo that is just right for your business:

Design a compatible logo
The logo you design and ultimately choose will be displayed everything. This includes small items such as pens to large items such as billboards. Be sure your logo will be compatible with all shapes and sizes. Along with size, consider your coloring. The design must be able to stand alone when color is dissolved by fax or photocopies. At any reproduction scale you do not want your logo to lose its clarity or detail.

Do your research
By taking the time to research your clients, customers, and competitors you will find the design that works most effectively to represent your business. Take into account the basic target audience and your main business focus.

The logo designing process can be extensive. But don’t feel rushed! Be sure to design multiple logos, so you have many options to find the perfect logo.

Simple does it
The biggest mistake businesses make is to go all out on their logo design. One key to remember is simple does it. There is no need for 20 different colors, fonts, and designs. A simple, professional logo will be much easier for your customers to remember and associate with your business. This being said, the general rule is to use no more than 2 fonts, icons, and limit your colors. Although designing an extensive, colorful, fun, detailed logo, remember the company name is still the most important part.

Think of the future
Do not specifically design your logo to your current business model. Who knows – in 2 years the market could completely shift, and your business model could completely change. Therefore, create a logo that is more associated with the company name or mantra in mind.

Use a quality printer
Shop around before signing with any old printing company. Ask for samples of their work, visit with past clients, and review their quality. Also, be sure to view a printed, hardcopy demo to be sure the colors you digitally chose print at the same quality.

Happy designing!

-Whilly Bermudez Media                    www.WhillyBermudez.com

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