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What is search engine optimization (SEO)?
SEO is the process of optimizing your site so that your site gets higher rank in the search engine listing. It is essential to get-
•    Free traffic
•    Targeted traffic
•    High volume traffic

Why SEO is important?
SEO is the key to organize webpage. A business can’t stay in the same position for long and it is no exception in case of a website. Your website becomes useless if visitors can’t locate it. Your main goal is to retain potential visitors as well as to draw new visitors. And here comes the importance of hiring a professional company like Whilly Bermudez Media.

Benefits of SEO
Online visitors prefer search engines for searching a particular product or service. You can exploit expert SEO professionals to achieve specific target. Some of the key benefits of SEO are
-If you have online business, SEO is essential to attain success
-You can target specific visitors
-You can enhance the number of visitors by offering relevant information
-Optimized content can add to public exposure
- If you want reckonable results, you can take help of few marketing strategies.  You can make in-depth study of search engine reports, website data, conversion rates of visitors etc.

What to avoid?
•    Automatically created doorway pages
•    Duplicated content
•    Unnecessary keyword stuffing
•    Hidden links or text
Benefits of SEO are irrefutable in today’s online business. It is your duty to find out the best organization for your SEO requirements. Contact our experts to get complete SEO services at affordable rate.


Code of Conduct in the web marketing industry is a must-to-follow entity. The code of conduct in this industry is quite a norm, whether written or unwritten, and is maintained by almost everyone related to the industry. We maintain a code of conduct which follows the motto of ‘do not deceive’ and is applied to everyone related to our work. The code of conduct is there to be followed by clients, the visitors, search engine optimizers and almost everyone. The motive is to avoid any malpractice in terms of business ethics which can bring the whole process in any kind of disrepute.

We maintain simplicity in our work and thrive in delivering what has promised. We are not here to make the pigs fly with the implementation of SEO. We promise in re-engineering your site to make it perform better and bring in better traffic flow. We endeavor in putting the relevant keywords into place to enhance the user experience. This makes the site more relevant for the visitors. The code of conduct should guide the SEO in improving the content quality and not to hide or disguise things. The more the transparent the process is the better the results are in terms of ranking, traffic, conversion and returns.

The code of conduct also plays a vital role in curbing the malpractice of falsifying the customer and the industry in turn. We do not encourage in any attempt of promoting irrelevant topic and content. One should remember that the SEO practitioner is a part of the problem itself and not of the solution. With the implemented code of conduct it becomes important for the SEO practitioner to drive away any sort of discrepancies.
The general code of conduct helps in shaping the business tactfully in maintain a good name and profit as well.

SEO is a highly growing industry in the field of Internet marketing. The main objective of SEO is to attract larger traffic to the website hence helping in growth of business. However, a wrongly done optimization may lead to serious consequences in terms of traffic. Hence, all SEO professionals and SEO Services agencies need to maintain certain SEO Ethics. SEO Ethics are not any rule but they are followed to maintain a healthy business environment. The SEO Ethics followed by professionals working for us are given below:
  • No such intentional actions should be taken that may harm the client or its image.
  • Usage of certain technical procedures repeatedly that eventually results in the removal of websites from search engine listings should be either avoided or done with ultimate care.
  • Violation of search engine or directory rules is strictly prohibited.
  • SEO professionals should keep an eye on the changes of search engine rules and algorithms to modify the contents accordingly so as to avoid controversies.
  • While creating or optimizing content, it is to be followed that the content should be free of trademark or copyright violation.
  • No misleading information should be catered to the consumers.
  • Untruthful content to lure the consumers should be strictly avoided.
  • No harmful or obscene content should be included that may harm or offend the website viewers.
  • Spamming is considered to be a crime in some countries. It also offends many people. Hence any sort of spamming measure should be avoided.
  • Catering of different forms of pages of the same website to different searchers except in the cases of language or browser needs is not accepted.
  • Duplication or copying of content for different websites should not be done.
  • In cases of taking some other author’s content for using at another website, the author’s prior consent should be taken.
  • All clients are treated equally. Hence the SEO professional should not put up any conflict regarding priority.
  • SEO Ethics need the SEO professionals to maintain confidentiality of the clients regarding client lists, strategies, pricings and every other aspect.
  • The sole objective of the SEO professional should be to enhance the client’s ranking on search engines and retain its position


The SEO Copyright Infringement covers similar aspects of duplicity on internet. According to the copyright infringement any kind of work originally created and published online is automatically accepted as the original work and it’s copyright. The work cannot be used by any other website since under clear guidelines until there is proper permission from the producer of the work. If you create and publish your work online and find that your work has been copied and published somewhere else you can file a complaint against the website at the SEO Copyright Infringement office. In fact there are several remedies available in case your original work has been copied and published elsewhere. At times it so happens that someone might republish your work, and in case you want to restrict this web page from emerging on any of the prominent search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN and other search engines you must have a look at the Copyright Act un Cyber Laws of your country and state and take necessary steps.
How do I receive a copyright? Once your work is published online you get a copyright on it. However, it is necessary to published it online in order to get a copyright on the job. There are a few things however on which you cannot claim copyright. These are equations, ideas, thoughts and data. Again there are things on which the SEO copyright infringement acts these are articles, web copy, video recordings, photos, musical recordings, web designs and computer programs. If a idea is written down and published and it found elsewhere later with only a few changes done and published, this will be considered as a copyright violation. To know more you need to have a look at the cyber laws of your country and get to know more on SEO Copyright Infringement.


Competition breeds frauds; the phrase also applies to web marketing. Fraud in internet marketing process is not something new to the marketers. The internet frauds in search engine optimization have existed from a long time and have affected the business of the customers in more than single ways.
Click Frauds or click spam have co-existed with the paid internet advertising form the beginning. Your customer tends to receive the same message as spam thus increasing the competition for you in the web market. The users are confused by the click frauds or click spam by bidding against the advertising rates forcing your way to out of the market. Detection of these frauds has now become easier. But the process of defrauding the system has developed to be more sophisticated. The best way though to limit the effects of these frauds is to make the users aware of them.
The present percentage of the click frauds that exists in the market is estimated to be close to 20% of all the clicks. The industries which have the most cases registered in click fraud are the pharmaceuticals, adult entertainment and gambling industries. The exact figures of the click fraud though are hard to estimate but the results vary from the industries. The numbers also vary from various search engines as well.
The click fraud has been affecting the revenues largely in recent times. There are lawsuits protecting the marketers’ right against such offenders. The search engine providers are promising of more to come as well. The aim is to protect the loss of revenue in the pay per click business model.

SEO Standards
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an extremely exceptional technical profession where no specific academic degree is needed. But all SEO professionals acquire enough technical knowledge before stepping into this profession. However they need to maintain certain SEO standards to ensure better results for the clients. We maintain these keeping in mind the profitability as well as safety of the clients. SEO standards are not any rules but they are actually guidelines that help in routing more traffic to the client’s website avoiding any controversies. The standard principles that we follow in our SEO operations are described below:
  • We use only relevant keywords and key phrases that are applicable to and included in the web page content.
  • We do not use those key phrases that are not compliant with the search engines and are disallowed by the same.
  • A certified keyword density is maintained which means avoiding the use of keywords more than or less than needed. Keyword density is the percentage of number of keywords used in comparison to the number of words in the particular content. Also the keywords are distributed properly to avoid assimilation of keywords at one place.
  • The content created by us for a particular client is unique and grammatically correct. The uniqueness is maintained so as to avoid any discrepancies regarding copyright and other laws.
  • Web site link building is done only with the consent of the client as well as the owners of the other web site.
  • Usage of redirection technology sometimes leads to removal of website from search engine listings. Hence it is avoided unless it is needed and it gives a better experience to the viewers.
  • Our SEO standards do not prescribe the frequent submission of web pages to the search engines.
  • We avoid any such techniques that might result in marking of the client’s website as a spamming site.
SEO Guarantee
Do you wish to increased online business? With top quality SEO services, you can build your brand online, get high search engine ranking and increase in traffic. We offer you SEO services with guaranteed results at the most economical price and variable packages.
Why SEO services?
Visibility: With proper SEO services you will get increased visibility on the web.
Building Brand: Increased visibility helps to build and promote brands.
Increased Traffic: Get targeted traffic to your website.
Increased Business: Increased targeted traffic ensure increased business.
Move Ahead: Stay ahead in the competition with increased ranking and more targeted visitors to your site every day.
We ensure you 100% success with our guaranteed SEO services. Our SEO experts with deep knowledge SEO services will analyze your website and offer you the perfect package you need. We apply planning and execution methods to every single project and offer consistent SEO services. With us you can dream of growth in every single step.
Why us?
Our SEO services are devised according to the SEO guidelines and we assure you applied white hat SEO techniques. We follow the best proven techniques and give our clients assured results.
With us you can get:
- High rankings
- Targeted traffic
- Increased Conversion
- Comprehensive SEO services
- Customized package
- Consistent SEO services
- Regular Reports
- Regular Detailed Traffic Tracking & Reports
What we offer?
We provide a number of SEO services under several packages. Browse through our packages and select the kind of service you need. We also offer customized SEO services.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Article & Press Release Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Website Analysis
  • Link Building Services
  • SEO Content Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding and Awareness
  • Blog Management
Order your SEO package today. We assure you 100% results from the very first month of service. -Whilly Bermudez Media 

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