Monday, October 18, 2010

Latest Technologies


Advertising in traditional media will continue to decline in favor of less expensive, interactive tools and services. However, the most seasoned Marketer knows that combining old and new is the root of success.  

VIDEO PUBLISHING/SHARING- Producing a high quality or guerilla marketing style video can have a chance to be unique enough to go viral on and receive millions of views.

A video can also serve to be informative and instructional about a cause that others deem ‘interesting’ enough to viewers. Many companies are also uploading their videos to their websites to enhance their informative content.

MOBILE DEVICE APPS & TEXTING (SMS)- Everyone is now texting and relying more on mobile devices for news, sports, updates, keeping in touch, short form communication, and keeping with a fast paced business world. Today, mobile device applications are designed prospects immediately-no matter where they happen to be-this increases brand loyalty and keeps responders engaged.

We can use SMS Keyword marketing in all forms of media that in turn will provoke a simple text to be sent by a user to receive a discount, special, something complimentary, or for access to an event. Example: Text the word “Facebook” to 66431 now!
Mobile Device Applications can be designed to any specifications to accomplish an endless amount of functions and tasks. With a wide range of ‘Apps’ in existence, users can use their mobile device to make dinner reservations, buy movie tickets, or play online games live with others.    

BLUETOOTH PROXIMITY MARKETING- Bluetooth Proximity Marketing is an opt-in permission based method of delivering messaging to local Bluetooth enabled cell phones and devices within a range of up to 300 feet of a transmitting unit. It is an ideal marketing tool for: Retailers, Restaurants, Bars, Malls, Entertainment or Sports Venues, Amusement Parks, Real Estate, Auto Dealers, Trade Show Exhibitors, and others.

All types of image and audio files can be sent as part of a message delivered to users.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO - You can easily get confused by all the search engine optimization companies and SEO “experts” that offer SEO services. It's hard to know who to trust or what should be included in a SEO diagnostic initial process.
Good search engine optimization is very basic. A successful search engine optimization campaign will contain these essential components: Content, Site Design, Well-written Meta Tags, and Google Analytics.

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