Monday, October 25, 2010

How do the 3 Florida Candidates for U.S. Senate measure up on their ‘Brand Visibility’?

Myself and my partners at decided to use sociability metrics to see where each of them stands. I believe that social media visibility is very important to the corporate world and Yes, politics too. We all know how social media played a huge role in the 2008 Presidential election.

I am fairly certain that Marco Rubio will be the next Senator out of Florida and it’s who I support, and here are the results.

Charlie Crist (I)              Score 378

Marco Rubio (R)             Score 320    

Kendrick Meek (D)         Score  222

*The governor’s score is slightly higher because being the leader of a large state produces a lot of press releases and news that will always end up on internet feeds. Yes, there is a small margin of error when a name can be mistakenly derived from another word. Example: ‘Creative Partners Group’ will attach to the word “creative” and cause greater results. It is safe to suggest that the more unique the name of the brand is, the more accurate the results.

What is a good score?  If you are a local brand operating a local business, maybe state wide – the score of 30 or higher is fairly good. Anything past 100 is really good and beyond that is excellent.

If you are a national or global brand you should have a score of 1,000 or higher. For example: ‘Walgreens’ has a current score of 1,064 while ‘Facebook’ has a score of 31,274.

Here are some others:

Race for Florida Governor

Rick Scott (R)    Score 160

Alex Sink (D)     Score 200

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  1. Good stuff... I do wonder how much of Crist being Governor factors in. Also, is there a way to see if it's positive or negative?

  2. No actual way to determine negative vs positive. But being a past or current Governor makes a significant difference in the score.