Sunday, May 1, 2011

Will Gas Prices Ever Go Back To 'Normal' ?

Prices "Once Upon a Time"

Will Gas Prices Ever Go Back To 'Normal' ?

The cost of gas may keep rising through the summer driving season.

The four dollar mark has been called the "psychological point" and many wonder when, or if gas prices will ever get back to normal.

At the same time there’s also fear that what we’re seeing at gas stations across the nation is in fact as "normal" as it’s going to get.

Consumers are already saying they’re being forced to cutback on spending in other areas and now experts say high gas prices will ultimately slow down America’s economic recovery, even more.

Consider this, a gallon of regular now sells for a nationwide average of $3.84. That’s up 29 cents in the last month and nearly a dollar from a year ago.

Conditions are getting worse in state’s like California where AAA has seen calls from motorists who’ve run out of gas, jump 13 percent.

The soaring gas prices have been fueled by unrest in the middle east and uncertainty about future oil prices.

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