Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Importance of Creativity

The Importance of Creativity 

We all know that in any overcrowded industry, it is paramount that we outshine the competition in some wayshape– or form

by Hugh MacLeod
It is for this reason that it is crucial to any company’s growth, that they build, and achieve brand awareness. 
While a quality product is one of the key aspects of long term success, it is not always the key to differentiating your company from the crowd (especially in the initial phases).
What do I mean? 
According to owners of the new Apple iPhone 4,  the gagdet has been experiencing some issues… yet we all jumped at the chance to get the newest, and the latest, and without question, doubt, or “need”, simply because it is a new Apple product– Simply because it is the IPHONE.  I’d love that kind of brand awareness for anything I take part in.  Wouldn’t you?
I am a huge Apple fan.  Everything about the company’s product line, from a marketing standpoint, is aesthetically pleasing, and creatively wielded. 
Quality products warrant loyalty, but…
Creativity sells. 
Oh… but “wait” you say… “Our company is not a full service deal.  We don’t “do” the creative.” 
“Oh really?,” I say… “I don’t care.”
Geico, for instance, is a car insurance company. 
Last time I checked there were plenty of car insurances to choose from out there.  Local.  State…
Last time I checked car insurance was not fun either… and it sure does not offer any type of creative services. However, that did not stop Geico from implementing a creative and strategic marketing plan. 
According to Barbara Alba, Marketing services manager of Technology Sales Resource Interactive, “…Many companies take themselves too seriously by thinking that if they do something creative and offbeat, it will take away their credibility. The result is that there is a lot of boring copy. Multidimensional mailers can shake things up a little bit if they are done right.” Creative Content Maximizes Direct Mail– DM News.
No matter where you are in the United States, you better believe that when someone mentions car insurance, one of the first names that will pop into their mind will be Geico.  Why?  Geico can thank a very clever marketing team, agecko, and a hairy caveman for that. 
Build Brand Awareness.
Get Creative.
In the mean time, check out this amusing book packed with good advice, and my favorite part– witty and honest illustrations, to get your creative juices flowing. 
“Ignore Everbody And 39 Other Keys to Creativity”
by Hugh MacLeod

Are you in Direct Marketing or Sales?  What sells?  What have you seen work… and not work?  If you are the consumer… what are you looking for?  What hits home with you?  “Stupid” Humor?  Dark Humor?  Fear?  Share your thoughts on the matter!!

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