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Whilly Bermudez Publishes First In A Series Of Positive & Inspirational Children’s Books

Whilly Bermudez Publishes First In A Series Of
Positive & Inspirational Children’s Books

Critically acclaimed children’s book aims at instilling the value of good deeds in children. Book Signing Event planned for Miami Lakes, Florida.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, August 5, 2013, Many people think it is about time that a children’s book was published that has the ability to skillfully instill positive and inspirational values. Whilly Bermudez has stepped-up to the plate with his latest book entitled, “WB & The 10 Good Things”. Whilly has authored a brilliantly conceived illustrated book for children ages 5-8. This is a “feel-good” book that parents will enjoy sharing with their kids.

With all of the negative images and stereotypes shown in all media, this new children’s book is a breath of fresh air. The author has a writing style that makes the child feel that they are part of the story. There isn’t a parent anywhere who hasn’t marveled over their experience of reading “WB & The 10 Good Things” to their kids. In this book holds the secret of instilling in a subtle manner, a very profound message. Whilly strategically uses a “Grandfather figure”, to be the character in the story that develops the message.

“WB & The 10 Good Things” uses a “sweater” as a mechanism to transform a little boy into a super hero. The young reader can easily relate to the “Grandfather figure” and the “sweater”. Our main character, WB, is the stereotypical little fella, oblivious to the moral opportunities that abound all around him. Once he puts on the sweater his grandfather gave him, presto.......he is a superhero with the ability to fully understand the good in everyone, and how doing right should be done just for its own sake.

In this world where people show contempt for superheroes of compassion, WB must make the decision to not be influenced by the negativity of others, as the kids at school make fun of him. His lesson is learned when the magical sweater is damaged, and he fears he has lost his superhero powers, only to learn that the sweater really had no magical powers, that the magic came from within.

Whilly Bermudez has scheduled a Book-Signing Event befitting a superhero. Parents and kids are invited to come-on down to Don Shula’s Athletic Club, at 15150 Bull Run Rd., Miami Lakes, FL 33014, on October 5th, 2013, from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Imagine what a thrill it will be for the kids to meet the book’s main character - “WB”, and get a signed copy of the book, and a photo with him to cherish forever. Activities will also be featured like Rock Climbing and Face Painting.

It should be no great surprise that the author is a genuine nice guy. Whilly Bermudez is not just a successful American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is also an author with a tremendous

hunger to help others, supporting various causes and donating to them throughout the year. He is the founder of “Ignite Social Help”, a global movement set in motion to help heal and inspire others in the world through the broadcast of inspirational posts and updates via social media. A novel approach to spreading hope and understanding. The world can surely benefit by having more people of the caliber of Whilly Bermudez.

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WB & The 10 Good Things
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