Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In the media world, its always the celebrities of sports, music, and films that are interviewed. This time, I wanted to focus on the web development industry and one of the leading designers that is leading the way.

His name is Sean Wills and is giving insight into his work and the world of web.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm Sean Wills, a designer/ developer working for WB Media.

Why be a web developer and what led you down this career path?

The internet doesn't turn off, you don't clock out. You have a 24/7 opportunity to create, help and invent. I can't really pin point what first grabbed me about web development, but it just felt right, something I could really get stuck into. Web work is always evolving and I kinda like the fact that you can't know everything about it, so it puts you on the level playing field with a lot of people.

What was the first website you made and how was that experience?

It was for a guy who had just started his own business, he paid me $30. I can't say I learnt too much from it (it was very basic HTML with inline style tags!) and a little bit of Flash I copied from another site, but I guess it got me in front of a real person who judged my work.

If you can tell us, what are the projects you are currently working on?

Most of my time is, happily, spent building WB's next generation of software; a JavaScript web application talking to a REST API. It's gonna be ace. I'm also really into SalesForce right now, so I'm building a small web app that's going to make it effortless to gain critique for your designs. Also a large project which is going to make learning JavaScript a whole lot easier.

What are the best projects you've worked on? Tell us about them.

My most successful project is Ignite Social Hope dot com- a very geeky, niche site, but a whole load of good happens here!

Could you tell us what's in your personal "toolbox"? Software, apps, hardware, books?

Software: Sublime Text 2, Chrome and Photoshop. Books: every JavaScript book I can lay my hands on, I just like to absorb it all! There's so much knowledge out there to pick up.

Tell us about your best experience as a developer.

Getting my current job - it allowed me to specialize in JavaScript and there's not too many companies willing to think ahead enough to switch their product over to something as new as a JavaScript only web application, allows me to constantly try new things and play with new tools and technologies.

Aside from those things, working for the owner Whilly Bermudez has been great! He simply gets it. He's tough but fair and honest. Great guy.

Tell us about your worst experience as a developer.

I guess, working with some clients, it's the bits outside of coding/developing/ designing that sometimes get in the way - emails, invoices, etc...

In your opinion, what is the difference between a good web designer and a great web designer?

The amount of work you put in outside of the work you are told to do, either at your job or by a client. It's the effort that you put in off of your own passion and desire that really sets great web designers apart.

What advice would you give young web guys?

Build products, sites, plugins, etc as soon as you can to compliment your learning. Take the theory that you're learning and apply it as soon as possible! It'll highlight what areas you need to improve on immediately...

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