Monday, July 25, 2011

Whilly Bermudez Media Launches a Medical Marketing Division

Whilly Bermudez Media Launches a Medical Marketing Division

One of the country’s most seasoned Social Media Marketers is tapping into the Medical Industry by announcing tailor made marketing solutions for Healthcare Professionals.

The team at WB has been entering into marketing agreements with Physicians from all areas and specializations in order to handle all of their social media and advertising. With 22 Healthcare practices already aboard and many more ready to sign up, “It’s been a busy couple of weeks at our company” says Whilly Bermudez – founder and chief marketing officer.

Medical Social Marketing ( is the newest division of Whilly Bermudez Media, with offices in Miami and Chicago. WB Media has been providing marketing and creative solutions to the business world since 1997. In recent years, the firm has been gaining popularity for their Social Media Marketing services and proprietary process. One of their long time clients and Travel Agency operator, Mr. Herlan Ruiz of Luxury Travel By Ruiz says “Social Media Marketing is very important to a business. Some business owners already know this but most are slowly finding out that the impact on your business can be significant”.

Dr. Max Roman, a Coral Gables dentist and another of the clients agrees. “
Social Media, Internet Marketing, and the Web is the future which is already here. This is how people are learning and communicating. The traditional ways of ‘getting the word out’ are fading away.” 

The power of the internet which combines social media can separate one physician from the next, one business from the next. The average U.S. Internet user spends more time on Facebook than on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia and Amazon combined
. People enjoy having the ability to look up the Facebook pages of people, places, products, and even Physicians. Arriving at a Facebook page that shows a large number of “Likes” (supporters) coupled with quality content may be a deciding factor for a potential patient.

The services provided by WB Media focus on Facebook, Twitter, and even Review site monitoring. Quality Medical Web Development services are also available. The modernization of Medical Marketing and Social Media has arrived. To learn about the services, plans, and articles please contact the firm directly. Healthcare professionals that require the WB Media services can visit or by calling 1.800.823.1240

Information about their parent company- Whilly Bermudez Media can be found on 

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